3. After the War

After the war I went in search of my friends and a place to do that was the Jewish Theatre (Joodse Schouwburg) and I wrote to Westerbork in an effort to find out what had happened to them and maybe where they were…..
It was then I discovered that my friend Bobby Springer was transported to Sobibor and appeared on the death list of the 3rd of June 1943.


After Amsterdam got liberated radio messages and local paper notices were put across asking for volunteers to join the Dutch armed forces. Because I wanted to do something in return to honour my lost friends I went to Dam Square, near the corner of the Nieuwendijk in Amsterdam on the 3rd of June 1945. The German SS used to occupy the office where I had to report to during the war.

I wanted to fight against the Germans and Japanese who were occupying the Dutch Indies. I received my medical and was found suitable to be called up for military training. After a two month wait I received a letter calling me to report for military training at the Koninklijke Militaire Academie (Royal Military Academy) in the city of Breda. It was there where I signed the contract.

All volunteers had to report to the barracks in the city of Chaam in the Dutch Province of Braband. These barracks had been used during the war by the German occupiers for their officers who were based in Gilze-Rijen. We departed from there to England to receive our military training for the Dutch Indies.

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